JCNM: Jesus Christ of Nazareth Ministries

by - 1:46 AM

Man of GOD K. Shyam Kishore, hails from a family of believers but he did not know Jesus personally. He is a qualified Engineer from Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, AP. INDIA.

Dreams of making good money for a luxurious living, lured him to London. He started off to ” Make hay while the Sun shines”. A very comfortable lifestyle and great expectations made him apply for the Resident Visa. When he was on the verge of receiving his Permanent Resident Visa, God came knocking at his Heart’s door. Driven by the pleasures of the world, he ignored the calling.

But God made his presence felt loud and clear. All excuses were to no avail when a harsh reality touched him. The zealous commitment of yonder years to be used in the Lord’s service were reminded by the Lord. ” I will serve you for the rest of my life ” echoed in his mind which brought him to the shores of India again. He left his riches and submitted himself completely to his true God.


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